Thomas E, Coghill, Jr.

Thomas E. Coghill Jr: Invention Expert,
Fat Tire Bike and Bike Components Designer and Manufacturer

Tommi Coghill Jr, Tommi Coghill, Thomas E. Coghill JrThomas E. Coghill, Jr., graduated from Old Dominion University, located in Norfolk, Virginia with a Bachelor of Science in physics. After college, he followed his father's footsteps Thomas E. Coghill, Sr. and pursued a career in real estate and development. He built approximately 1,000 homes, condominiums and apartments during the 20 years spent in the real estate industry.

Over the years, Thomas Coghill Jr has designed and developed numerous patented inventions, many of which are currently being successfully manufactured and marketed worldwide. Other Coghill inventions are in the patent pending process with prototypes being created and tested.

Tommi Coghill has always loved beach life along with all the other sporting activities associated with the beach, like surfing, fishing, kayaking but always found it cumbersome to carry all these beach accessories from the car to the beach. In a joint venture, Tommi helped design a beach cart with mammoth wide tires that made it easy to carry the beach accessories from the car to the beach with great ease.

Bicycling on the beach can be difficult on a traditional bike especially in softer sand, so Tommi took the wide tire concept and applied it to bicycle tires, creating one of the first fat tire bikes made specifically for riding on the beach.

Realizing the salt water could be corrosive to the bike components, Coghill carefully selected top of the line rust resistant components that could withstand any elements. 

As a bike racing enthusiast, Coghill has redesigned many bike components to be lighter and faster. One Tommi's racing bikes recently one two world records for distanced cycled in a 24 hour time period. Learn more at Xtreme Bike Racing Web Site

An avid hunter himself, Tommi also designed a popular camoflauge bike that could handle biking in brush and trails. Coghill calls the bike the Xtreme Fat Tire Cherokee

With the popularity of electric motors for bikes, Coghill recently introduced a powerful front wheel Fat Tire E-Bike series, great for commuters or cycling fans that want to ride effortlessly on any terrain from sand, bike trails, mountain biking trails and even snow. Check out Coghill's E-Bikes here.

Customers have long been requesting a children's line of fat tire bikes, so Coghill is proud to introduce the Fat EZ Rider: Because of its stability, its the perfect bike to learn how to ride a bike for the first time, yet can adjust to grow as your child grows from toddler to teen.