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Just Launched Our IndieGoGo Campaign For the Fat EZ Rider™!

After years of research and modification, our new company Go and Grow Cycles, LLC has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to market our revolutionary Fat EZ Rider. 

The Fat EZ Rider is an adjustable children's bike that is one of the best bikes for a child to learn how to ride a bicycle for the first time. Our extra fat 6" wide tires provide complete stability and balance so the child avoids the fear of falling associated with learning to ride a traditional bike.

Forget the training wheels! Forget the tears and scraped knees and bruises from learning to ride a bike on asphalt or pavement. Take the Fat EZ Rider to the beach or grass, put your child on the bike and start them peddling away!

This bike is perfect for children with special needs who might not have the coordination necessary to ride a traditional bike.

In addition, the fat tire allows your child to ride on any terrain, from sand, grass, dirt trails and even snow, keeping your child active year round.

If that isn't reason enough to buy the bike, there's more! 

The Fat EZ Rider is an adjustable bike that can grow with your child as they grow in height. Start with the 12" fat tire, for your toddler, adjusting the front fork in 4 positions  until the child needs the medium 16" tire. Upgrade to the large 19" tire to achieve the maximum height.

You now have a single bike that adjusts to fit a child 3 feet tall to one that fits a child 5 feet tall. Parents typically buy 3 - 5 bikes throughout a child's life time. Our bike can adjust to grow as your child does, from toddler to teen. This alone can save parents hundreds of dollars.

We our offering these bikes at a special introductory price of $299 only through our IndieGoGo campaign.

Order yours today!


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